what is reiki?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word which means 'Universal Life Force Energy'. The 'Ki' in Reiki translates as ‘Chi' or 'Qi' in Chinese and refers to the subtle energy that flows through the meridians in body. This concept will be familiar to anyone who practices Acupuncture, Tai Chi, Qi Gong or martial arts. The system of Reiki was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th Century by combining his experience of esoteric Buddhist healing practices and martial arts and it is currently practised all over the world.

Reiki can help:

•  Relax you when you feel stressed
•  Centre and focus you when you feel scattered
•  Energise you when you feel drained
•  Calm you when you are fearful or anxious
•  Help improve sleeping patterns, giving more vitality
•  Improve and maintain general health and well-being
•  Gradually ease chronic health problems
•  Relieve physical and mental tension
•  Release emotional wounds
•  Help change conditioning and self destructive patterns
•  Accelerate spiritual growth and aid meditation practices

“As my muscles and joints are tender and sore, I find that some manipulative therapies are just too painful. I need a treatment that is strong enough to ease my pain and keep my energy flowing, but gentle enough for my body. I find my healing sessions with Jane achieve that perfect balance.” Kathy, West Bridgford
Healing Session Healing Session

All human beings have the innate power to heal themselves. You can see this happening every time you cut your finger. The body sends additional energy to that particular area and produces new cells to repair the damaged ones. During a Healing session the practitioner will give additional healing energy to aid the body's natural recovery process. It sounds very simple and sometimes it is. However, to create lasting change it is often necessary to resolve the issues that have caused the illness or imbalance in the first place. Healing energy can help to bring these issues to the surface and clear old energy patterns that are no longer needed.

Reiki is a holistic healing energy, which means it works on all the different levels of the recipient's being, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. The cause of many physical illnesses can be found at the deeper emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. Because the energy works on all those levels as well as the physical, the root cause of the illness is being addressed as well as the symptoms. For example, a headache may be caused by emotional stress. The healing energy will ease the headache, and also help change the mental or emotional patterns which have caused the headache. It isn't necessary to be physically ill to have a Reiki treatment as it can also help those feeling blocked, out of balance or simply wanting a stronger spiritual connection.

The healing energy balances and harmonises the recipient's energy field. Where there is an imbalance there is illness or the potential for illness. In a balanced state, the individual has more potential for self-healing. We never diagnose during a treatment, but simply allow the healing energy to come through without directing it in any way and trust that it will flow where it is needed. For this reason, no medical or diagnostic education is required to practise Reiki. Treating someone with healing energy can be best viewed as a partnership in which you are helping the recipients to heal themselves.

Reiki is one of many different forms of spiritual healing, each of which has their own history, lineage, traditions and methods of practice. It is important to realise that all healing energy comes from the one Universal Source, regardless of which school of healing is practiced. I have been trained in Reiki to Teacher/Master level and I am also committed to my own spiritual development work, which in turn feeds back into my healing practice.

For further reading on Reiki and Healing, I would recommend the following books:

‘The Japanese Art of Reiki' Bronwen and Frans Stiene ISBN 1 905047 01-9
‘The Reiki Sourcebook' Bronwen and Frans Stiene ISBN 978-1-84694-181-8
‘The BodyMind Workbook' Debbie Shapiro ISBN 1-84333-147-0
‘Why People Don't Heal' Caroline Myss ISBN 0553505270
‘You Can Heal Your Life' Louise Hay ISBN 1-870845-01-3

Most of the books can be purchased from www.amazon.co.uk or if you prefer to shop locally try www.hive.co.uk where every purchase supports an independent local bookshop.

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