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Japanese Reiki Courses

I run Japanese Reiki courses for individuals or small groups as and when requested, I usually have no more than six students at a time so as to give each student more personal attention. I generally prefer to see all prospective students as clients at least once before accepting them onto a course. The attunement can be a very powerful process, and it's important to make sure that the student is at the right place in their lives to integrate the changes it can bring.

Every Reiki teacher (sometimes called a Reiki Master) will bring through different aspects of the energy depending on their individual experience and level of personal and spiritual development. So it's important that students feel that I am the the right teacher for them and they are comfortable with the energies that I am bringing through. I have been training students in Reiki since 2006 and previously had five years experience as a University lecturer. I also run a monthly Reiki development group for my students to practice and further their training, development and personal practice.

Shoden Course Dates

There are no courses dates at the moment, but please get in touch and I can arrange one to suit you.

Please apply early as there is some preparation to do beforehand. If you cannot make the course dates I can organise another course to suit your requirements.

"I found Jane's Reiki 1 course remarkable and informative, it has been a significant event in my life. I have great confidence in the tools Jane has given me as a valuable means of care for my own health and wellbeing." May, Edwinstowe

Pushka, India at Sunrise - Jane McLennan Ko Phi Phi, Thailand at Sunset - Jane McLennan

Reiki is unique among healing systems because of the attunements or empowerments that are passed from teacher to students during the training courses. The attunements help connect the student to the Universal life force or Reiki energy. I teach Reiki as a cultivation practice, so the courses are merely the beginning of the student's development with Reiki, which will be intensified over time through their own meditation and practice of connecting with the energy on a regular basis.

I am trained in western Reiki through the William Lee Rand lineage and traditional Japanese Reiki through the Chris Marsh lineage. My courses combine elements of both the western and the traditional Japanese lineages, as this gives an authentic system of Reiki which is also relevant to the world we live in today.

Shoden Reiki 1 - Self-Healing and Personal Use
This course focuses on self-healing and cultivation of the connection to the Reiki energy, as well as the basics of healing others. Without self-healing and developing our connection to the energy, we will always be limited in what we can do for others. Even those who seem to be physically, emotionally and mentally robust, can benefit from healing to strengthen and deepen their inner spiritual connection.

The course includes:
The history of Reiki and its development
The five Reiki precepts
The concept of mindfulness
The three energy centres
and exercises to develop them
Traditional Japanese exercises to cleanse and to protect
Different techniques for self-healing and healing others
Practicing a supervised Reiki treatment

The cost of the course is £150 per person. A reduced rate is available for those who have already trained in the Western lineage.

Okuden Reiki 2 - Treating Others
This is the first step to practitioner level, but can also be taken purely for personal spiritual development purposes. I generally recommend that students wait at least six months before moving from the first to the second level, in order to have time to integrate, and work with the energy. For those wishing to practice professionally it is recommended that they also take the Professional Practice course.

The course includes:
The traditional Reiki symbols and their use
Techniques for distant healing
The concept of oneness
Further traditional techniques for working with others in a more intuitive manner
Practicing techniques during a supervised Reiki treatment
Professional practice basics

The cost of the course is £200 per person. A reduced rate is available for those who have already trained in the Western lineage.

Reiki Professional Practice Course
For those who wish to practice professionally but are not trained in any other therapies, or those who would eventually like to teach Reiki, it is recommended that you take the Professional Practice course. Along with your Shoden and Okuden training this is designed to meet the requirements of the Reiki Council's Core Curriculum.

The course is in three parts; the first part consists of a one day training course with homework and the other two parts are completed by distant learning. Each part is paid for seperately and can be taken at your own pace.

Part 1 - Practitioner Skills - a one day training costing £200
Adapting treatment to suit the individual
The client consultation
Working with children and vulnerable adults
The Reiki precepts in professional practice

Part 2 - Practice Management - distant learning training costing £100
Health and safety in the working environment
Healing and the Law
Professional Bodies and codes of ethics

Part 3 - Building a Business - distant learning training costing £100
Customer service
Finances and accounting
Building a business

It is also suggested that professional practice students attend a monthly share group for regular practice and to compete the observed sessions required by the Reiki Core Curriculum.

Shinpiden Reiki 3a - Reiki Master Practitioner Level
This is the first part of the Master level course, it can be taken by those wishing to go on to teach Reiki or as a stand alone course for those who want to further their Reiki development and practice, but do not intend to teach. I generally recommend that students wait at least a year before moving from the second to the third level.

The course includes:
The Master symbol and kotodama
Advanced techniques for meditation and healing

The cost of the course is £250 per person.

Shinpiden Reiki 3b - Reiki Master Teacher Level
This course follows on from the Master practitioner course and teaches how to attune others to Reiki and run courses. I generally recommend that if students intend to teach that they have completed the Professional Practice course and met the requirements of the Reiki Council Core Curriculum. This includes having given at least 75 full treatments (either professionally or as a volunteer) and recieving at least 100 hours of Reiki.

The course includes:
The attunement and empowerment 'Reiju' process (several different Western and Japanese methods)
Structuring courses and training others

The cost of the course is £250 per person.

A Reiki Teacher is sometimes referred to as a Reiki Master, but it is important to realise that the title does not necessarily reflect a particular level of spiritual attainment or mastery, it merely indicates that a person is qualified to teach Reiki to others. Reiki was originally conceived as a spiritual path, rather than a healing system and, if approached in the correct manner with dedication and perserverance, it can be a powerful aid to spiritual growth. I encourage all my students to integrate and embody the energy within themselves, and to see it as part of a broader spiritual growth which goes beyond the limitations of any one system.

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